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Vintage "panapet" type MW blue panasonic national Radio

Vintage "panapet" type MW blue panasonic national Radio

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This vintage radio works and is in good condition, including the chain. The 9V battery is NOT included, and has a diameter of 11 cm, 5".
National Panasonic R-70 `Panapet 70`
It's referred on the book "L'utopie du tout plastique" 1960-1973

Good working condition has some discoloration and minor scratches, pls look at the pictures.

The little screen is a bit blurred, however the radio frequencies are still visible (see last picture) Maybe you can clean from the inside I haven't tried because you have to unscrew parts from the radio.

It is a great design icon.
but do not expect audio quality according to modern standards also you should be able to receive AM broadcasting in your region.



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